Why choose Spedition industry-specific logistics solutions?

When you are looking for a logistics partner, you expect to get nothing less than best-quality transport, warehousing and distribution solutions for your industry. Quick response, flexibility, automatized solutions, reliable transporters, and expert assistance at any time are some of the factors we offer to help you progress in a fast-paced market. At Spedition, we know the logistics problem and challenges,  we have the specific tools & techniques to help your business grow.

industrial Solutions

What We Offer

Supply Chain Solutions

We provide solution to a diverse range of industries, providing freight transport solutions along your supply chain in India and on a international level. The transportation of your finished goods, parts or raw materials can be realized by road, air, sea or rail. Thanks to our collaboration with an extensive network of freight forwarders, we can effectively carry out your freight shipping needs, no matter the cargo size and weight. Urgent freight transportation is also available.

Industrial Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing in the facilities next to your company location can help save costs and time spent on transportation. Our industry-specific logistics solutions include warehousing in the facilities of one of our vetted courier partners. We offer several long & short term warehousing solutions according to customers needs. Store raw materials or finished goods and optimize your production flow!

Industry Specific Distribution Solutions

Along with warehousing solutions, we can organize the distribution of spare parts or finished goods around the globe. The products will be picked up and shipped to the end customer’s address from the storage facility or your business location. Let us take care of the logistics needs of your products and keep your customers satisfied with urgent shipping services designed specifically for you!

Why Choose Us

Handling of 100+ Exhibitions Logistics Every Year
We expertly manage over 100+ exhibitions logistics annually, ensuring seamless transportation and support for trade shows and events.
Structured Supply Management System
Spedition offers a structured supply management system, ensuring efficient coordination and optimization of your supply chain operations.
95% Customer Retention
With a customer retention rate of 95%, spedition demonstrates a high level of satisfaction, trust, and reliability among our clients.
500+ Express Shipments Every year
We handle over 500+ express shipments every year, providing fast and efficient delivery services for time-sensitive shipments.
15+ years of Experience of Core Team
Our core team brings over 15+ years of valuable experience, providing expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional logistics solutions.
130+ Team Members
Spedition is powered by a team of 130+ highly skilled and dedicated professionals, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional service delivery.
Pre-book space in all major Ports of India
Secure your space in major ports of India by pre-booking with us, ensuring smooth and timely handling of your cargo.
24 x 7 Dedicated Customer Support
Spedition offers round-the-clock dedicated customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and reliable communication for all your logistics needs.
5 Regional Owned Offices
We have our own offices in 5 Major States of India. We also have a large storage capacity across the states, which helps us to provide better customer service.

Our Services

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High-Tech (Electronics)



Pharma Healthcare

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Pet Relocation

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